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Alan’s Afternoon Amblings DRIVE TIME Fridays 4pm – 6pm  Good afternoon my lovlies … It’s Friday again and not only do I not know where the weeks are going but the months! It’s April already… we’re four months into the year – a third of the way through … sobering thought! So today is […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings Penwith Radio Fridays 4pm – 6pm Good Afternoon…. So the blog is back after a weeks absence. Yes, last week the studio was full of folk filming stuff for a Crowd Source project. It’s all go here at Penwith Towers with our FM frequency being made public soon and plans to […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings Drive Time 4pm – 6pm Fridays Greetings me lovelies, It’s Friday and we’re here for the usual round-up of chat, comment and conversation – I know they can be considered to be synonyms but I wanted to be alliterative… So Hakuna Matata – yes I’m speaking Swahili  -  ”no worries” – and […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings 7th March 2014 Drivetime on Penwith Radio 4pm – 6pm Fridays Good Afternoon People … As I write this introduction the sun is out, the sky is relatively blue and there is a real feeling of spring in the air…. So I guess we’re approaching ‘spring cleaning’ time – is de-cluttering […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings Drive Time : 4pm – 6pm   GOOD AFTERNOON …. well it’s wet and windy with intermittent sunshine and scuba divers here at Penwith Radio … love nature, love the weather but does the weather love me – that’s the question. On today’s show – music, news, chat …. the first […]


Alan’s Amblings Drive Time (4pm – 6pm) on Penwith Radio Good Afternoon from a storm damaged, yet still rocking and rolling Penzance… After the drama of last week – car parks flooding, tidal chaos and gale force winds – I’m hoping for a more relaxed and trouble free show today. Well today is International […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings  DRIVE TIME on Penwith Radio 4pm – 6pm     GOOD AFTERNOON… So did cupid’s arrow hit home this morning -so did you  get the card, pressie or flowers from the person you wanted? Did you get something from the person you didn’t? Or are you simply reflecting upon the fact that […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings Drive Time – Penwith Radio – 4pm – 6pm Warmest greetings to my very damp friends and  listeners – here’s hoping that the deluge, the continual aquatint is not causing too much harm or worry …. I got to admit that seeing the power and awesomeness of the sea puts our […]


Alan’s Afternoon Amblings Drive Time Penwith Radio Fridays 4pm – 6pm GOOD AFTERNOON… It’s another Friday, it’s cold and wet and we’ve just survived a Black Moon …. so does the weekend have in store for you? Well today is the feast day of St John Bosco – patron saint of apprentices, editors and […]

Egg Goddess. Lauren Trimble. Terra Cotta

Alan’s Afternoon Amblings 24th Jan 2014 Drivetime on Penwith Radio Good Afternoon my friends and listeners … So today, in the Roman Calendar is the first day of Sentimentivae – a festival in honour 0f Ceres and Gaia (Terra) … In ancient Roman religion and myth, Tellus or Terra Mater (“Mother Earth”) is a […]